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And Make A Choice That Matters To You

Not all who wander are lost...but maybe they just need a little bit of direction.

Your sales funnel is working and you're seeing interested people come into your world.

In fact, they're buying your services and your products (but not consistently)...

they're engaging with your service & product (but not all the time)...

and they're satisfied (but not telling others about you).

So, where's the breaking point? What went wrong?

Below are 4 common stages "online business owners" can find ourselves in.



Milestone #1

The cycle picks back up. We're talking with people that are interested to work with us and might have some questions.

These would be the "leads" we hear about because they give us personal contact information (name/email/phone) to lead them to a decision.

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Milestone #2

Right now, we're engaging with our interested people and they're checking us to see if we're a good fit for them. This is the typical "acquisition" funnel.

Meaning, we acquire their interest in *us* and our interest in *them*; a business relationship is developing.


Milestone #3

They've decided they like us enough to give us their business...and now, we get to decide if we like them enough to share our business. The name of the game is "negotiation", and the solution is "compromise".

We keep our integrity and our values in this stage, and encourage them to do the same.

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Milestone #4

We now deliver on our promise of what was agreed upon: the result they're hoping for with the expectation of you providing it.

The focus here isn't just to shove all our content down their throats; the focus is to get them over their current mountain. We then head back to milestone #1.


I need Marketing Assistance.

Perfect for those running paid ads on Facebook and not satisfied with their results; they'd like to get help but don't even know where to start.

I need Tech Assistance.

Perfect for those that have a general idea of what their setups are and just need that extra "genius level" help so they can stop staring at the screen to make things work.


When I say "marketing", I mean...

The ability to share your message with the people that need to hear it so they know your solution is what they're looking for.

It's a mouthful, but it's true. It's not enough to just "hope" people know what you mean when you talk about your product, service, or offer. And if you're not sure, that's okay because...

...that's what I help with.

I work closely with you to understand your offer, what kind of numbers you need to hit monthly, and where you presently are.

I place myself in the shoes of your ideal customer and will ask questions that they might ask so we are super clear on what we're doing for them.

I assist you with the actual creation of your paid marketing, the way the ad would read for compliant/congruent sake, and what all those numbers mean.

To make this super simple for you, I put together a quick form that allows me to know what kind of setup you have with your marketing & paid advertising, especially on Facebook.

The document will take you approximately 4 minutes to fill out, which is probably way less than the time you've spent staring at the screen and wondering what direction to take next.




When I say "tech", I mean...

The software setups and vendors you're using to ensure you're able to handle all interested people for your service and your customer fulfillment.

This can be very overwhelming and can lead even the best active entrepreneurs to stop in their tracks. And, to be honest, we only need maybe 1/5 of what everyone might say we need. So, what I do is ensure you're only using what you need based on the end goals you have.

I work with you to make sure that *all* software you planned to use is exactly what you need so you can save your money for actual growth.

I help you figure out what type of automation you want to set up so it's customized to your entire configuration (regardless if anyone else is doing it or not).

I take over the builds that you need to see that your email campaigns go out in however way you want so all you have to do is think about the way you want your clients to get their emails.

To aid in your endeavor, I put together a form to fill out so I know just how much technical support you'd like or even need. It'll take you a little over 4 minutes to complete this form so I can help you even faster.

If you're not sure which option you might need some assistance in, ask yourself this:

Do I have a challenge getting people into my world or keeping them in my world?

I need help getting people.

You're good at keeping people engaged with you and fulfilling on what you promised to provide them. If you could just get new people to see you...

I need help keeping people.

When it comes to generating new business, you're at the top of your game. If you could just find the secret that keeps people coming back for more...

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